Soon, Gurgaon May Have a 15-KM Leopard Park with Jungle Safari Facility


A 15-kilometer leopard park is being proposed for the Aravalli hills in Gurgaon, India. The park will be located between the Bandhwari landfill and Damdama Lake. The project is expected to reduce incidents of leopards straying into the city and promote regulated eco-tourism and wildlife awareness.

The park will be modeled after the Jhalana Leopard Safari Park in Jaipur. It will feature a 15-kilometer jungle trail, watering holes, solar pumps for water supply, state-of-the-art camera traps, and the cultivation of grasslands featuring indigenous species. The park will also have a watchtower and an interpretation center.

The project is a collaboration between the forest department, district administration, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA), and Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG).

The GMDA has already conducted a study of the Aravalis to identify the best location for the park. The study found that the area between Bandhwari landfill and Damdama Lake is an important habitat for leopards.

The GMDA is now in the process of preparing a detailed project report. The report will outline the costs of the project, the timeline for construction, and the expected benefits of the park.

The project is expected to be completed in three years. Once completed, the park will be open to the public.

Benefits of the Leopard Park

  • Reduce incidents of leopards straying into the city
  • Promote regulated eco-tourism and wildlife awareness
  • Create employment opportunities for local residents
  • Protect the Aravalli hills, which are an important ecosystem
  • Educate the public about leopards and their conservation

Community Involvement

The GMDA is working with the local community to ensure that the park is developed in a sustainable and responsible manner. The GMDA has already conducted several meetings with community members to get their feedback on the project.

The GMDA is also working with the community to develop a plan for managing the park. The plan will outline the roles and responsibilities of the community in the management of the park.

The GMDA is committed to ensuring that the leopard park is a success. The park will be a valuable asset to the city of Gurgaon and will help to protect the Aravalli hills and the leopards that live there.


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