Project Cheetah in India Completes One Year: A Journey of Conservation and Challenges


India’s ambitious Project Cheetah marked its first year on September 17, 2023, commemorating the release of the first batch of eight Namibian cheetahs in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park (KNP) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2022. Subsequently, 12 more cheetahs from South Africa were translocated and released in KNP in February 2023. These graceful felines, once native to India, were declared extinct in 1952 due to habitat loss and hunting. Their reintroduction marks a significant milestone in India’s conservation efforts.

Highs of the Project

The project has witnessed several encouraging developments over the past year:

  • Successful Acclimatization: The majority of the cheetahs have adapted well to the Indian conditions, exhibiting natural behaviors such as hunting, exploring the landscape, and establishing territories.
  • Breeding Success: In March 2023, a Namibian female cheetah named Siyaya gave birth to four cubs, marking the first successful cheetah birth in India in over seven decades. This milestone signifies the project’s potential for repopulating the species in India.
  • Community Engagement: The project has fostered positive engagement with local communities, providing employment opportunities and raising awareness about cheetah conservation.

Challenges Encountered

Despite the project’s progress, it has also faced challenges:

  • Mortality: Nine cheetahs, including three cubs, have succumbed to various factors, including heatstroke, malnutrition, and territorial conflicts.
  • Habitat Suitability: KNP’s grasslands are undergoing restoration to provide optimal habitat for cheetahs, but more work is needed to ensure long-term suitability.
  • Human-Wildlife Interactions: Managing potential conflicts between cheetahs and local livestock and human settlements remains a crucial aspect of the project.

Looking Ahead

The first year of Project Cheetah has been a journey of both achievements and challenges. The project team is working diligently to address the challenges and build upon the successes. The future of Project Cheetah hinges on continued scientific monitoring, habitat management, and community engagement. With sustained efforts, Project Cheetah holds the promise of restoring the iconic cheetah to India’s grasslands, enhancing ecosystem balance, and revitalizing India’s conservation legacy.


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