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Siliserh Lake Spread over an area of ​​7 km, Siliserh Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Rajasthan and one of the popular places in Alwar. The lake was built in 1845 to supply water to the city of Alwar, whose establishment is attributed to Maharaja Vinay Khan. The lake has a magnificent lake palace which was believed to be the favorite of the Maharaja. Silisedh Lake, located at a distance of about 13 km from Alwar city, is a popular picnic spot for tourists.

If you are thinking of moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city for peace, relaxation and entertainment, then traveling to Silisedh Lake can be a better option for you. If you are going to visit Silisedh Lake and want to know about Silisedh Lake before going on your journey, then definitely read this article of ours –

What you can do in Siliserh Lake – Things To Do

  • One can relax and do word watching on the banks of Silisedh Lake.
  • Here you can enjoy boating in Silisedh Lake.
  • One can take a leisurely stroll around the lake.
  • And in the evening one can see the beautiful view of sunset amidst the lush greenery.

2. Time to visit Silisadh Lake – Silisadh Lake Opening Time

Silisedh Lake is open for tourists from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

3. Entry fee for visiting Siliserh Lake

Please tell that Silisedh Lake is absolutely free for tourists to visit. You will not have to pay any kind of fee to visit Silisedh Lake.

4. Best time to visit Siliserh Lake

If you are planning to visit Silisedh Lake, then let us tell you that July to March is considered the best time to visit Silisedh Lake. Winter is the ideal time to visit Silisedh Lake as the weather is very pleasant during this time. Silisedh Lake is surrounded by greenery, which is why the weather there remains pleasant most of the time. Silisedh Lake does not experience very heavy rainfall in monsoon, so there is not much problem to visit this place even between July and September.

5. Places to visit around Siliserh Lake Alwar

If you are planning to visit Silisedh Lake in Alwar with your family or friends, then tell you that there are other attractive tourist places in Alwar apart from Silisedh Lake. Which you can include in your travel list-

5.1 Bala Fort Alwar

Bala Quila or Alwar Fort is located in the Aravalli range above the city of Alwar. This fort is one of the major tourist attractions of Alwar city which was constructed by Hasan Khan Mewati in the 15th century.

5.2 Bhangarh Fort Alwar

The Bhangarh fort is situated on the Sariska Sanctuary in the Aravalli ranges of Alwar district. This fort is situated at the foot of the hills in a sloping area, which looks very terrible to see. Bhangarh Fort is a very famous tourist destination of Alwar city, which remains the most talked about due to its haunted stories.

5.3 Sariska National Park

Spread over an area of ​​about 800 sq km, Sariska National Park nestled in the Aravalli hills is one of the top places to visit in Alwar. Covering grasslands, dry deciduous forests, rocks and rocky landscape, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is now known as Sariska Tiger Reserve. The reserve is famous for its majestic Royal Bengal Tigers. Which is the first tiger reserve to successfully translocate tigers (from Ranthambore).

5.4 Sariska Palace Alwar

Sariska Palace was built in 1892 by His Highness Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Alwar. The grand Sariska Palace is one of the best places to visit in the city of Alwar. Every corner of this beautiful palace is very attractive. This grand palace is spread over 20 acres of lush green landscape which compels the tourists to soak in its magnificence.

5.5 Kesroli Alwar

Kesroli is one of the rare hotels in Alwar that has been in existence since the 14th century. Hill Fort-Kesroli is a great place for those who are looking for a place for a week long holiday away from their city. The Hill Fort-Kesroli of Neemrana is a splendid ancient heritage palace that takes one back in history. The hotel also has many luxurious facilities including a large swimming pool and a beautiful garden. The rooms of this hotel are completely decorated in Rajasthani style to make the tourists feel like royalty. If you are coming to visit Alwar city, then you must go to see this Kesroli.

5.6 Vinay Vilas Mahal or City Palace

Vinay Vilas Mahal is one of the attractive places to visit in Alwar. It is an architectural marvel that gives a glimpse of the royal lifestyle. Apart from its ground floor, all the other floors are in the form of a museum, which introduces you to the sweet secrets and memories of the old historical times and the vision of the kings. So you must include Alwar’s trip to Silisedh Lake as well as Vinay Vilas Mahal in your list.

5.7 Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Neelkanth Temple is a group of some temples about 30 km away in the Tiger Reserve which has now become almost a ruin but even today the local people believe in many temples located here in the reserve. Neelkanth Temple is a major landmark of Alwar for its religious significance, exquisite stone carvings and lush green forests.

5.8 Vijay Mandir Palace Alwar

Vijay Mandir Palace is located at a distance of 10 km from Alwar city center and is one of the most prominent tourist places in Alwar. It is said that the Vijay Mandir Palace was built by the passionate Raja Jai ​​Singh as a result of his passion. Jai Singh was a patron of architecture and had a passion for building beautiful palaces. Vijay Mandir Palace is situated in the middle of magnificent gardens near the lake and this palace has 105 rooms which are well decorated.

5.9 Pandupol Temple Alwar

Pandupol Hanuman Temple is one of the major temples of Alwar. This temple is situated inside the forests of Sariska. According to a legend, Pandavas spent their secret time in this temple. Unlike other temples, here the idol of Hanuman is in a reclining position.

5.10 Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri Alwar

Chhatris are commonly used to depict pride and honor in the Rajput architecture of Rajasthan. The royal cenotaph of Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh and his Queen Rani Moosi, is placed outside the main palace building of this monument. It is a beautiful red sandstone and white marble monument to the rulers of Alwar.

The city of Alwar is home to Alwar ka mawa (milk cake) and kalakand. This is the definition of a city of sweets, without which no visit would be complete. Alwar offers you a wide range of popular Rajasthani dishes and snacks. The menu of restaurants here in the city includes dishes like puri, dal bati choorma, rabri, lassi, gatte ki sabzi.

7. How to reach Siliserh Lake Alwar

Silisedh Lake is located 165 km from Delhi and 1,774.6 km from bhubaneswar, you can travel by train, road or air to reach this lake.

7.1 How to reach Siliserh Lake by flight

If you are planning to travel by flight to Silisedh Lake, then tell that the nearest airport to Silisedh Lake is Jaipur Airport, which is about 100 kilometers away from Silisedh Lake. You can reach Jaipur by flight from any major city, then from there you can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Silisedh Lake.

7.2 How to reach Siliserh Lake by road

Regular bus services are available from various cities of the state to Alwar. Regular buses are available on this route, be it day or night. From places like Jaipur, Jodhpur etc. you can reach Alwar by hiring a taxi, cab or traveling in your own car to reach Silisedh Lake Alwar.

7.3 How to reach Siliserh Lake by train

The nearest railway station to Silisedh Lake is Alwar Junction, which is the main railway station of the city. Regular trains operate from many major cities of India and the state to this railway station. From which one can reach Alwar by traveling and from there railway station can take bus or taxi to reach Silisedh lake.

In this article, you have got to know the complete information about visiting Silisedh Lake, how did you like this article of ours, do tell us in the comments.

8. Map of Siliserh Lake Alwar

9. Photo Gallery of Siliserh Lake – Siliserh Lake Images


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