Calangute Beach in Goa


Calangute beach in Goa, India is one of the most beautiful and popular beach resorts in the world. The beach is perfect for water sports. It’s also a great place for shopping. You can find everything from the hottest fashion brands to exotic and affordable gifts. However, be prepared for the crowd and keep yourself safe.

It’s a paradise for shopaholics

Calangute Beach, Goa is a shopping haven. It is home to several shopping malls and several markets of varying caliber. A good example is the Palolem market. The market is one of the best places to buy pretty souvenirs.

There are also several noteworthy landmarks. Some of them are the best shopping destinations in their own right. Among the best ones are the Calangute market square, the Mapusa market, the Anjuna market and the aforementioned Palolem market. One of the best places to shop in Goa is the Mackie’s night bazaar. This is an exciting shopping destination that offers everything from eco-friendly products to live music, beer and the occasional Goan delicacies.

Despite the buzz around the Calangute beach, one of the most popular markets is the Anjuna market. This is a fun place to shop, particularly the flea market. Here you can find the best of the best in everything from vintage sunglasses to quirky knick knacks. However, the true shopper can find much more at the larger, better known malls. Another popular place to shop in Goa is the Morjim Beach. With its saline water dips and quieter ambiance, this is a perfect setting for a relaxing holiday.

The Anjuna Market also possesses a few of the most interesting buildings, including the first incarnation of the iconic Calangute lighthouse, built in the early twentieth century. Also, the stately sandstone building on the corner of the market has its own merits. Other notable attractions include the obelustic Goa Beach, the Arpora pier and a quaint village, all of which are well worth a visit in their own right. If you are looking for an inexpensive place to stay, then check out the Budget Hotels in Anjuna.

If you are looking for a more laid back beach, then try the Morjim Beach, which offers all the amenities of the larger, better known beaches but a much calmer atmosphere. Alternatively, the Mapusa market is another worthwhile destination, which also boasts a few of the best beachfront restaurants. As far as the best time to visit is concerned, any time of the year will do.

It’s a perfect place for water sports

If you are looking for a beach with a nice sand, clear blue water and a slew of water sports to keep you entertained for hours, look no further than Calangute Beach. This is the beach to visit if you want to have a good time in Goa.

There are several things to do at the beach and many of them are not terribly expensive. If you are in the market for some new threads, you will find a variety of clothes, accessories and other stuff in the various street shops. It is a good idea to wear sunblock when you are out and about.

Aside from the beach, there are a plethora of other things to see and do in Goa. You can explore the state’s national parks and go on guided walks or take a boat trip down the Mandovi River. Another way to experience the state’s natural beauty is to try kayaking along its rivers.

You might not have considered Goa to be a destination with a big beach scene, but a visit to the state’s most famous stretches of sand is an experience worth remembering. The best part is that you can spend the day on the sand or on one of the dozens of boats that sail from the port.

While you are in the area, make sure to also check out the Church of St. Alex, a well crafted church with impressive altars and a beautiful dome. Also, do not forget to check out the Dev’s Art Gallery. Here you can purchase some amazing paintings.

For more information, there are a number of websites and travel guides. Some of the more popular sites are listed below.

Of course, the most obvious way to enjoy your time at the beach is to simply relax. You can get away with this for long periods, especially if you have a few drinks. However, if you are looking for a little more adventure, you can head to the nearby town of Candolim. In addition to its sands and shacks, you’ll find a thriving nightlife, with some of the more exciting places to dance the night away in the area of Baga.

It’s a crowded place

Calangute Beach is a popular tourist destination. It is located on the Arabian Sea in North Goa in India. There are plenty of sun loungers and restaurants lining the beach. You can also enjoy water sports like scuba diving and windsurfing.

During the high season, Calangute Beach gets very crowded. But the beach remains clean and safe. This is why many people come here to have fun.

The best time to visit is in April. However, the weather can be very hot in May. Make sure you are prepared with good equipment and good clothing.

One thing to remember is to avoid alcohol. Drinking too much can make you very reckless. Also, don’t swim too far out in the sea. A life jacket is a good idea to help you get through the wind.

During the night, there are lots of things to do. Mackie’s Night Bazaar is a good place to enjoy music and food. If you want to enjoy a dance club, you can check out the Cape Town Cafe.

If you don’t like crowds, you might want to visit Colva or Vagator. These two beaches are less crowded than Calangute and Baga. They are perfect for solo female travellers.

The Baga area is popular for its lively nightlife. Among the most famous clubs are Tito’s, Cool Cat, Sportsman and Cafe Mambo.

In Goa, there are plenty of jewellery shops. You can purchase gold and silver jewellery for your friends. Some of the jewellery is even made in Goa. Besides, you can find handmade clothes and handicrafts at the Calangute Handicrafts Emporium.

Another interesting attraction is the St. Alex Church. With its Indian-style cupola architecture, the church has been an oasis for locals since the 1600s.

The Calangute Handicrafts Emporium is a great place to pick up exotic souvenirs. From traditional Goan clothes to handicrafts from Tibet and Kashmir, you’ll be able to bring back a little bit of Goa with you.

Other attractions include the Saturday evening market, which is a good place to buy beachwear. Alternatively, you can take a trip to the flea markets.


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